​Here are some answers to questions we get often:

  1. How do I print the plans? We have a 10 step explanation and a video for you to watch. Please use the how to print plans link above.
  2. How Big is this part? Because our plans are in CAD format you can measure any dimension you want. If you are unfamiliar with CAD programs please check out www.deltacad.com It is known as the worlds easiest CAD.
  3. Do you have a cowl? Sorry wo do not have any at this time.
  4. Do you sell kits? Sorry, my Kit maker got divorced and the wife got the laser. I only wish this was a joke.
  5. What Hardware should I use? The folks at http://www.rossisales.com are very knowledgeable and should have everything you need.
  6. Can I make the FFGAS tub 5" wide? Yes you can. Many people have done so without issues.