How To Print Plans uses and recommends It is known as the worlds easiest CAD (Computer Aided Design) program. You can download a free trial version that will print the plans full size with a regular printer. Parts larger than a regular sheet of paper will be printed on 2 or more sheets that can easily be taped together. With this method you can print out the parts, cut them out, and easily use them as a cutting template. If you make a mistake or want another copy simply print out another set.

10 EASY steps to print plans with Delta CAD:

  • 1) Open the .dc file with Delta CAD
  • 2) Use the selection tool to make a box around the part you would like to print
  • 3) Click File>Set Print Region
  • 4) In the select print region box, click new to create a new print region.
  • 5) Click the Set To Last Select button
  • 6) Set the Scale as 1.000
  • 7) Click Close
  • 8) Click File Print
  • 9) Select the Print Region you would like printed, and click the selected print region option
  • 10) Click OK to Print it!